Oktober 31, 2008

Pembangkit listrik dengan menggunakan limbah yang berasal dari peternakan ayam di Belanda

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Eco Factor: Using greenhouse-gas-emitting bio-waste to produce energy that powers 90,000 homes.

The Netherlands is going to produce power from chicken waste and that too in a scale that would be sufficient to power over 90,000 homes! That pretty much sums up the magnitude of this huge investment the country is making in green energy. Chicken waste has been a problem that has been plaguing many of the North European countries for a long time, and the new project will help the Netherlands turn one-third of the nation’s chicken poop into energy. Built by Dutch firm Delta, the €150 million project is located in Moerdijk and would convert 440,000 tons of chicken waste into power each year.

The biomass plant not only produces energy but avoids the addition of greenhouse gases, which are otherwise liberated when the chicken waste is allowed to decompose in the open. This in effect makes the plant carbon neutral, and in reality helps the nation cut down on its carbon footprint. The leftover ash also would be used as manure.





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